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Everyone deserves “me” time and Tanfastiq delivers. Only at Tanfastiq can you unwind from the day’s drama with an automated, zero-gravity full-body massage and escape the hubby and kids, if only for a little while, as you burn 1400 calories in our exclusive Fit Body Wrap. Or reverse the signs of aging with a relaxing Red Light Therapy session combined with an energizing healthy dose of Vitamin D in a High Pressure tanning bed. Come experience our clean and refreshing spa atmosphere today as you relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Only at Tanfastiq!

Looking for affordable tanning but you also want power, space to stretch out, & comfortable acrylics? Look no further cause tanFASTiq delivers. In addition to our high-pressure Velocity bed, we offer the Legend in Teays Valley, the Blue Moon in Cross Lanes, the Solaris in Elkview, and the Red Dragon in St. Albans. Please tan responsibly!

Use your package at any of our four locations!

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Unlimited Fit Wrap or Infrared Sauna

Only $69.95 per month

The rumors are true - all tanFASTiq locations are now closed. We're heartbroken for our employees and our customers. We poured our hearts, sweat & money into it for seven years, but the business has been declining every year recently. It's especially sad because so many people lost their jobs, including many great employees that have been loyal to us for several years. It made financial sense to close last year, but we just couldn't do that after the flood. We took money from our own pockets to keep them open for the community and our employees.

We’re especially sorry to our loyal customers. Don’t worry, we will not continue to process payments for those on recurring packages. And we will be issuing prorated refunds for unused packages as of October 1st, our last day open. We’ll be contacting our customers using the latest information available to us, but to ensure your refund we ask that you send an email to stating your desire for a refund. Simply provide your name, address and contact phone number and someone will reach out to you soon to issue the refund check. Please be patient, as we have many to contact and process.

We’re sorry in the delay in reaching out to our customers, too. We had hoped to find a buyer that would reopen, but with each passing day that looks to be less likely. It’s still possible we could find a buyer, but not likely at this point. A more likely scenario is that they’ll be many great tanning beds available for a significant discount soon.

We're so sorry and wish this could have ended differently. Actually, we wish it would never have ended and could have continued forever. We’ve made so many friends along the way, both customers and employees. We’ve seen young girls become young ladies. We’re going to miss this.

- Mr. & Mrs. TanFASTiq